Destroy Over Just Anything (DOJA): Unleashed Stole Your Bitch (commonly shortened to Unleashed Syb) is a clothing line and group of guys that rap, dance, and show off their luck with girls. After a year of having a bad reputation, USYB rised from the dust and began selling clothing, as well as getting hits on their songs, upon Tyler Chavex's rejoining. 

Clothing StyleEdit


While the most focused clothing element in USYB, it is centered around fine material and clever graphic images. Many of the teachers are made with the come off as the "bad" shirts that parents wouldn't buy for their kids.

The first t-shirt in the clothing line was made by Carlos Cabrera, who made it taunting Nick about loosing Josey to Tyler. This t-shirt became a hot seller due to the buyers being students in Nick's school, and not liking him.


Mental MarijuanaEdit

Mental Marijuana is a angry hardcore classic fast rap song mainly centered around swiping and having sex with other mens' women. (Hense the term: Unleashed Stole Your Bitch). It begins with Tyler dissing stupid quotes from ignorant classmates, turning into a sex scene, ending with a slight mention of Jordan retro "Bred 11". It slides into Carlos ranting about how the session will go down, going on about the flaws of the woman he is focusing on. 

The Still Twins are featured in the music video last as they are dancing with their voice's rapping in the background going on about the struggle of this generation's dying society, which got all the buzz for this hit single in the first place.



  • It is sponsered by its holder, DOJA.
  • It was originally made to taunt Nick by overcoming The Swag Bandits.