Tyler Hernandez (most commonly known as Young Chavexx) is a new protaganist in LaForbes. He is an 11th grade student at LaForbes Community Trio School, as of transferring in the 2012-2013 school year. He made friends with Ej Castillo and Jj Castillo to obtain popularity, who he began goofing off with in class, and skipping with. 

Tyler has signed to Ej and Jj (and father)'s rap label: "D.O.J.A.", as a member of one of it's groups: Unleashed Syb. After making his debut to the music industry with a self made song named "Mental Marijuana" ft. King Loso (Carlos Cabrera), and the Still Twins (Ej and Jj), he has risen to the top of his neighborhood's underground rapper list, and his school's standards of popularity. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 10Edit

In New Beginnings (1), he meets Jj by snatching his hat in orientation. Jj later comes to him challenging him in a playful way. 

In Marvin's Room (1), after the state tests ended, Ej, Jj, and Carlos began to plan a party, and asked Tyler to help them. They got many other people invovled, and Jay asked for Tyler's permission to bring "Party favors". Tyler granted this, not knowing what he meant. After they had everything settled, they recorded the official music video for "Mental Marijuana" at the scene of the party, later on. 

In Marvin's Room (2), after leaving the party, he drove away with Ej's car, and he started the car. Jj woke up while they were on the road, and Tyler look startled. Jj said he was going to take the wheel. Tyler overreacted and yelled "You better get out!" He speeds the car up and heads for the library down the road. Jj woke up completely, and jumped out of the window. Tyler crashed into the side of the library, which set it on fire. Jj went in, and grabbed Tyler, and carried him to a field down the street. He took Tyler's phone and called his mother, who came by and picked him up. 


  • He crashed a car into the library, similarly as Jay crashed his car, attempting suicide.
  • Tyler attempted suicide (on meth) in Marvin's Room (2). As well as...
    • Jay attempts suicide in Forever Young (5).
  • He quotes kids shows very often, along with Ej.
  • He is a christian.