Started From The Bottom (Part 1) is mainly known as the finale of Chris Compton's bullying, and is the 34th episode of LaForbes' 10th season.


Tyler finds a post on Facebook that Chris posted about everyone in their group, and told everyone in the 10th grade about it. Tyler, Ej, Jj, Gary, Erwin, Randy, Calvin, Jay, Sebastian, and Daxton found Chris and brought him into a park down the street and beat him up in the woods. Gary repeatingly kicks Chris in the ribs while Calvin is rapidly punching Chris in the face. Chris was begging them to stop. Tyler took Chris' phone, snapshot the post, deleted the original post, texted the picture to his phone, then threw the phone into the highway. Chris yelled "Oh man! That had all my vacation photos on it!" Jj said "Shut up!" (kicks him in the head while he's on the ground). Chris tried to get up and said "Okay that's enough." Randy jumped on top of him and yelled "THATS IT!" and began battering him in the face. After Chris was good and unconcious, they all walked away and ran back to school so they wouldn't be late. 

 Later that night, Chris' high profile injury appeared on the news and it was claimed that a gang was seen beating Chris. 


  • This episode was named after a hit single by Drake.
  • This marks the second gang beating, the first was in Dead and Gone.