Shannon Calona is a major character of LaForbes and graduate of LaForbes Community Trio School. She is the older sister of Stacy Calona. Like her little sister, she had extreme talent with basketball. However, she was never allowed to play on the basketball team. She then settled on head cheerleader. 

Her lifetime bestfriend was Maria Bermundez, who she got in many arguements that put their friendship in doubt.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 9Edit

In Until The End, she went to graduation, but nearly missed it when her father through a rampage and brought her home. She had to take his keys to get back to graduation. After school ended, her father showed up and began screaming at her. Ej and Jj showed up and defended her against her intoxicated father. She called walked away and called 911. She told them there was a drunk man beating up two freshman boys.