Ralph Taurando is a recurring character in the LaForbes (series), and is again a senior in LaForbes Community Trio School, after being held back in the 2012-2013. He spent all of his years in LCTS drumming non-stop, which opened alot of doors for him. Unfortunately, after he injured his head in a bmx accident, he was unfit to do many things, which resulted in him repeating 12th grade.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 10Edit

In Crew Love (2), he was practicing bmx with Christian near the highway, on an unfinished construction site, when Christian did a flip on his bike, preparing for the tournament. Ralph attempted this, and fell on his head. He was knocked unconcious, and Christian called 911. 

In Hennessy Game (1), he returned to Evanscene to find out that he has to repeat the 12th grade, due to all of his missing work after the accident. Ralph, very furious, took off. Eventually, after his parents discussed it with him, he agreed to go back to school.


  • He once claimed that he was named after Ralph Lauren.