Pilot is the first episode of LaForbes: (Season 1), and also the first episode of LaForbes ever. 

Main PlotEdit

Jj and Ej are driven to school by Xavier when Mr. Santiago sees them in the car, and starts talking to them, telling them that Xavier was a rememberable student. Not thrilled by what he was hearing, Xavier told them to get out of the car, and he drove away, cutting everybody off. Jj finds out him and his bestfriend Sean, who he meets up with in the cafeteria by the class lists, are in the same class: Mrs. Feliciano's class. They spot her by the door and leave for her classroom with her. 

They are given an opening art project (making ids) and they have to draw themselves and put handprints on them with paint. Jj draws him sitting on money playing video games, and Sean draws himself smiling. Mrs. Feliciano likes Jj's and begins laughing. She takes the complete piece of art and hangs it on the board. She asks him to take the pre-chapter 1 quiz in the textbook, which he does rather well on. So well that he is asked if he wants to be transferred to the accelerated class. However, he denies because he doesn't want to leave Sean, which Sean thanks him for. 

Later on the playground, Sean, Jj, Gary, Erwin, etc, play tag, and Gary asks the boundries, and Erwin says the fence is. The begin playing, and Jj shows how fast he is. Gary respects that and gives him a high five. They begin talking, and they make friends. The only problem was Sean getting jealous. He gets picked up by his mom, who asks how the twins day were, and Jj answered "Great!" and Ej begins talking about a mean kid named Harrison. 


  • This marks the debut of...
    • Ej Castillo
    • Jj Castillo
    • Sean Hunter
    • Karina Nunez
    • Alyssa Crane
    • Xavier Castillo
    • Domminic Santiago (principal)
    • Gary Espinaj
    • Erwin Cabrera
    • Nina Santiago
    • Deandra Feliciano (Mrs. Feliciano)
    • Ted Leonadro (Mr. Leonardo)
    • Harrison Black
  • Domminic Santiago  (principal) hints Xavier's past, and reveals to the twins that Xavier attended LaForbes as a child.