Parker Chelles was the main antagonist of LaForbes since Season 6. However, after he came out of the closet in Season 8, more people stuck by his side. His main enemy was his former crush, Jj Castillo, who bullied him the most frequently. It would be quite an understatement saying he was a lonely child. With no mother, no siblings, and only his father who was never home, he was always seeking some kind of attention. This increased his drive to make friends, however, he wasn't the best with conversations.

His father owned a shooting range, which made guns rather accessible, especially after his bullying hit the breaking point. After stealing one of his father's firearms, he smuggled it into school, and went on a search for Jj Castillo. He killed a total of four people that had bullied him. Finally, he found Ej, Jay, and Jenny, and pointed his gun at Jenny's head. As he was about to pull the trigger, Jj showed up out of nowhere, tackled Parker to the ground and snatches the gun. Before Parker could attack him, Jj shoots Parker in the head, killing him. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 6Edit

In Screech (1), Jj and Erwin were making a project in art class when Parker came in to talk to Mr. Gaspar. Parker accidently leaned on Jj's painting, ruining the paint. Before Parker could correctly apologize, Jj rudely said "What the hell is wrong with you?" Parker said "Who are you hollering at? I could break your scrawny ass face. Damn 6th grader." Jj and Erwin both became angry with him, and Erwin called out Parker's man boobs. Parker got embarassed, and everyone at their table was laughing and instagating. Gary got up and said "Why don't you quit being a fag tryna get with our teacher." Without any hesitation, Parker punched Gary in the jaw, knocking him out. All of Gary's friends began chasing him out of the classroom, and beat him up outside.


  • He was the only homosexual character in the english dub.
  • Parker murdered 4 people, and injured 9.


  • (first line): "I need to speak to Mr. Gaspar, Mrs. Cabrera needs something."
  • (last line): "What the hell?! NO, I'm sorry! I'm sor-" (before being shot by Jj)