Ms. Hunt was a teacher at LaForbes Middle, but was fired after a few students falsely accused her of threatening Lance's life. After she was proven innocent, she refused to work with middle schoolers anymore and decided to be a teacher in the high school of Laforbes. 



She was a regular african-american woman with a secret crew cut she would cover with a wig. After something unknown happened with the first wig, she mistakenly bought one twice as long. She once worked at the Bronx High School of Science, but had a job transfer to LaForbes. After she was falsely fired from LaForbes, she worked at Monarch Community School for a small amount of time, then was hired back. Understandable, she demanded she work with high school students instead of middle schoolers.


  • She is the only teacher in LaForbes (known) to ever be fired because of a false accusation.