Harrison Black's Disappearance Edit

After Harrison Black mysteriously vanished in Season 6, it was not announced what happened to him. Few predicted a transfer, some predicted deportation, more predicted a runaway, but the largest amount predicted death. Some of these people predicted suicide, some guessed that Jj and/or Jay killed him.

After his ghosts appearance in Season 9, it was revealed that he was indeed dead. However, during Jj's discussion of a dream he had in Season 10, Jj mentions his forcing Harrison into a hasty decision. During Abandon Ship, Ej sees a flash of Harrison's face while he is drowning, and after he finally surfaces, he screams at Jj and quotes "If you weren't like this Harrison wouldn't have done what he did at Angie's party, he would still be with us."

After it's premiere, One LaForbes fan discovered a page on the websites history called "Dead and Gone (2)" that was only published for a few days before taken down. The episode told a story of Angie and Jenny's 11th birthday party, in which Harrison crashed and was bullied by Jj and Jay until he ran into Mr. Gomez's room, and found a gun, which he went into the pool storage shed with, and shot himself in the head, killing himself. Ej, who was sick from eating a stale apple, came out of the bathroom and went to find a pool noodle, and stepped in a puddle of blood, coming from a deceased Harrison's misshapen head. Ej was scared for life.