LaForbes is a series about a school located in the city of the Bronx, New York. 

Current Main CharactersEdit

  • Jj Castillo: Jj is a former bully and current bad boy in LaForbes High School who seems to be angry after Ej (his identical twin) transfers to a school in Compton to pursue a specific unknown career. 
  • Ej Castillo: a former LaForbes student who transferred to a school in Compton, California, to pursue a specific unknown career.
  • Sebastian Morales: a very popular student in LaForbes with a messy life at home.

Former Main CharactersEdit

  • Jay Santura: a former popular and former hated student of LaForbes who abandoned LaForbes for its rival school, and broke Sebastian's arm to beat LaForbes Basketball team in Season 8.
  • Lance Santura: a student who finished high school early to go to university in Australia.