Harrison Black, although seen as an antagonist, was bestfriends with Ej Castillo, which brought involvement with him and the popular crew. He was rather talented, but not in areas that could impress the people he was trying to impress. He disappeared from the series in the 6th season of the LaForbes (series).

Character HistoryEdit

On the first day of school, Jj bumped into Harrison, which made him spill his coffee, and he spit out a curse word. Harrison apologized, and tried to stay away from Jj, who actually wanted to hang out with him. Throughout the day, he kept walking away from Jj. 


  • He is the only character to ever commit suicide.
  • Harrison was the only character to suffer from cyclothymia. 
  • He was Albanian.
  • He was 12 years old when he commited suicide.
  • He was the youngest age difference out of all of Karina's ex-boyfriends.