Dead and Gone is a episode of LaForbes that was originally supposed to be a 2-part episode, but ended up becoming a 40-minute episode. It is the 19th episode of the LaForbes: Season 6.


Angie and Jenny were holding their birthday party at their house in Riverdale. They invited everyone in their grade, and a few upperclassmen. Jenny and Angie both invited their boyfriends (Ej and Jj Castillo), which turned out to be a bad idea considering Ej wanted to bring Harrison, not knowing what happened between Harrison and Angie. Not knowing this, Ej invited Harrison.

 Harrison didn't appear extatic about the idea at first, but after being convinced, warmed up to the idea. While they were all getting ready for the party, at Jj and Ej's house, Jj told Harrison it wouldn't be the best idea to come, because the majority of people in their school didn't like him. Harrison said "I don't care, it'll be fun, it's a pool party and I want to have fun." Jj then asked if he was even invited. Ej stated that it wouldn't matter because Angie wouldn't keep his bestfriend out of the party. Jj said "Believe me, she would." Harrison then said "Seriously Ej, why don't I just not go?" Ej said "You're going!" Harrison agreed just to get him to be quiet.

 They began walking to the party. After getting off the 1 train, Harrison looked down at the tracks mysteriously, then all three of them walked out of the train station. 


  • Originally, before they crossed the traintracks, Harrison was going to stand on the tracks, attempting suicide.
  • This episode was named after "Dead and Gone" by T.I. featuring Justin Timberlake.