Crimewave is an unpublished episode of the 10th season of LaForbes (series). It wasn't inserted into the storyline when it was proven extremely morrid, and a bad influence. Also, since the details of Started From The Bottom were changed, Crimewave was unneeded. Although it wasn't put into the storyline, it's page was locked in the LaForbes website.


Main Plot

After being shot by Chris Compton, Daxton and Jay reside temporarily in a hospital. Daxton angrily goes to Jay's room after being somewhat treated, and tells off Jay as he thinks Jay is dead. Jay only had his eyes closed, and heard everything Daxton said. An hour later, Jay dies. Daxton seems happy about it, but many people come to the hospital after hearing the news. 

Ariana comes to the hospital, and along with many people, hears a recording of what Daxton said about Jay, and tells Jj and Ej. They go


With Chris and Jay out, Logan was having problems fixing the milkshake maker, which brought profits down at work. He attempts to fix it himself, and after a customer orders a milkshake, it starts smoking and squirts a gallon of chocolate cream at the line of customers. A man in line demands he pays for his very expensive and now ruined suit, which costs approximately $5,000. Logan says he doesn't have the money, and the man sues the resteraunt. Logan is later fired and is told unless he brings Mr. Mallinster $5,000, he will remain fired. As this job was the only way he could make money, he decides to steal a valuable gold Versace chain from a flea market, but he gets caught and is arrested.