James Brackson (commonly called Chief Moses) is a graduate of LaForbes Community Trio School, and a current rapper. During his time at LCTS, he was a major basketball star, but at the end of his high school years, he had to make a choice for his future career: basketball star, or rapper. He began a career as a professional rapper but never stopped practicing basketball, and quite frequently refers to his love for the game in his songs. He was in a long-term relationship with Ashia Chapman since his freshman. They broke up many times, but after Chief's attempted suicide before graduation, Ashia decided she didn't want to date a guy while always worrying about future suicide. 

About JamesEdit

James was the kind of popular athlete that was nice to the majority of his classmate, who everyone loved. He was much into collecting sneakers, and liked to make himself look good. In ways such as doing his eyebrows, cutting his hair every 4 weeks, putting waves in his hair, etc. Many people also loved his clothing style. However, his life at home was far from fun, with a drug abusing father who frequently beat him, and a mother that was killed in their old neighborhood. He was often depressed, but didn't repeatingly show it. These bottled up feelings all came together before his graduation when he attempted to jump off the roof of the school, and kill himself.


  • He lost his mother to muggers in his old neighborhood.
  • James attempted suicide before graduation, but was stopped by Ashia. 
  • He was a mix of dominican, and black.
  • His favorite basketball team was the Miami Heat.