Carlos Cabrera is a main protagonist in the LaForbes, he is the bestfriend of Breanna Fitzgerald and Tyler Chavex. He is owned by him and Tyler's group: Unleashed Syb. 

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  •  Work background: Although he babysat since he was 9 years old, Carlos began his official work experience as a stock boy in an A&P, which he started when he first got his working papers (14 years old). He then worked at an Urban Outfitters owned by Tyler's father, as a cashier. Soon after, his uncle offered him a job as a sales advisor at his sneaker store (Footlocker). 
  • Religious Background: He has (nearly) always been a strict catholic, however he once considered becoming an athiest after he decided his dad was an invalid religious role model. 
  • Racial Background: He is part Dominican, Turkish, Puerto Rican, Argentinan, Sicillian, Brizillian, and Colombian.

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In Drop Off (1), Keisha brought Carlos and May to her table, and all of Keisha's friends were staring at them. Carlos asked what this was about, and Keisha said she wanted to see how they looked together. 


  • He leads D.O.J.A.,but departed from DelukaTv.
  • Carlos' favorite song is Underground King by Drake.
  • He suffered from Bipolar I Disorder.
  • Carlos has longer hair then any other male character in the LaForbes series.
  • He has played baseball, basketball, rugby, and water polo.



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  • May Escobar
    • Startup: Drop Off (1) (1009)