Banned EpisodesEdit

The first official banned episode in the LaForbes (series) was Dead and Gone (2), which was an episode where Harrison Black commits suicide with a gun he finds under Angie's father's bed. After this episode was proven wildly depressing, irrelevant to the original theme of LaForbes, and extremely morrid, it was taken off of the LaForbes timeline.

Started From The Bottom (2) (of Season 10) had it's plot changed because it was originally set to have Jay shot fatally by Chris, but the plot turned into Daxton Senior being defened by a bullet in his ear. 

Crimewave was never officially published but was set to have Jay devastatigly hurt in a hospital bed, when Daxton comes in and curses at Jay's (as he thought) dead body, and to have those be the last words he hears before he finally dies.

Already Gone was taken off of LaForbes after complaints of the demented and disturbing nature behind it. Due to Ej's psychic powers, and his trying to runover Jj with Lindsey's car. 

Banned CharactersEdit

  • A suggestion was made to the creator of LaForbes on December 20th of 2012 to make a gay male character who has the same sexual appeal as a sexy female. This concept went as far as nicknaming the guy "Jelly Cakes", but this character was never officially put into the storyline because of it's connection with the fiddling of the gentle concept of homosexuality.
  • One of the co-leaders of LaForbes debuted a characted named Adam without complete permission from the main leader. However, "Adam" was debuted in December 13th of 2012, but was deleted after the tragedy that occured the next day, which was perpetraited by a man named Adam. This character was never set to debut again.
  • A character named Nick Funici was an old protoganist of the series, but was cut out of the series after someone spammed his storyline with a horrific picture of an infected vaginal gland. Many people wrote threats to the creators, and after loosing alot of followers, they found a way to get rid of the picture and any trace of Nick from the storyline.

Banned ConceptsEdit

  • Parker Chelles was originally supposed to set LaForbes on fire, without anyone able to escape. After an influence who will remain unknown convinced the creators that it was a terrorifying concept, which was too scary for even LaForbes to release.
  • Although this concept never made it to even a planning of releasing, a suicide was thought of for the December 21st episode, which was changed into a variety of fights that occured in LaForbes. 
  • In the spanish dub, it's revealed that in Hennessy Game (2), Ariana and Jay discovered that Daxton won't be able to make it back even for a few minutes, and they won't be able to say goodbye.