Starashia Chapman (mostly referred to as Ashia) is a graduate of LaForbes Community Trio School (LCTS) as of Season 4. She was an extremely talented dancer, and also had talent with photography, styling, customizing cars, and many others. She is now a student of NYU, studying for her masters degree. For a while in her high school years, she dated Chief Moses, but after he attempted suicide before graduation, she broke up with him permenently and is now in a relationship with Ronnie Contreras, who she oddly never talked to when they attended LCTS. 

About AshiaEdit

Ashia was the gorgeous, yet bitchy popular cheerleader type of girl before her little brother was kidnapped. Which really opened her eyes to the real world, and began acting more mature. She got her grades up, and stopped flirting with most of the guys in school, making a complete turn around in her life. She could easily get out of control with her attitude if anyone even minorly insulted her.