Ariana Kenya is a former protagonist of LaForbes, and the little sister of the school terror, Daxton Senior (Ryan). She was known for her friendly vibe and bubbly personality. Her confidence drove down after Ashaunn made her bikini top fall off at Jorge and Fiona's 16th birthday. She dated Lance Santura for a short amount of time, but they then broke up after Lance was flirting with another girl. Her brothers then set her up with Jay Santura, who she married in the summer of 2012. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 7Edit

In Spine Pyramids (1), she is first seen looking at Lance, Chaeyce and Jay with infatuation. They saw her, and went over to talk to her. They were all in compitition to get her number, but Ariana gave it to all three of them. They mentioned that they go to Monarch Community School. Ariana said she goes there too, as she just transferred there. She saw her mom waiting by the door of the movie theatre, so she said she'd see them around, and walked away.


  • Ariana's boobs have been seen by nearly her entire grade because of Ashaunn.