Alexander Santura (sometimes referred to as Alex) is an alumnist and former honor student of LaForbes Community Trio School. He married his former classmate Lindsey Garcia, and had 9 children with her. He divorced Lindsey when she kicked all of the boys out of the house, then disappeared. He came back a bit before one of his sons, Jay, crashed his car.

Character HistoryEdit


He was very, very smart, and was usually very romantic. He had a passionate 4 year crush on Lindsey before they got married. He was raised by jewish parents, but converted to catholicism.

Before LaForbes (Series)Edit

He met Lindsey in 7th grade, and became infatuated with her. Unfortunately, she got sucked in with the popular people, and lived as the pathetic nerd with a crush on a top 10. He repeatedly asked her out in middle school, but she stayed strong and denied. During the summer before high school, he began working out, and got a six pack. He also started playing basketball throughout the year, which gave him an excuse to take off his shirt. 

Lindsey, the head cheerleader, developed a secret crush on him, after he stopped obsessing over her, and stopped being a "nerd". He kept his grades up by making time to study and ended up getting a perfect report card in 10th grade. He began a relationship with Lindsey in 11th grade, and proposed to her at the 12th grade graduation, which she accepted. 

In LaForbes (Series)Edit

In Season 5, after all of his sons were caught with hookers (which he hired for them), Lindsey kicked them out of the house. Alexander said he wanted a divorced after she kicked them out, and they got divorced. Years after this, his secret (he hired the prostitutes) was revealed and Lindsey took him to court. He won the trial by claiming that the check was bounced because it wasn't his signature. Months after, his drug abusing son stole his car and crashed it. He then disappears, never to be heard from again.


  • He was the first character to abandon his families religion. The second was Jj Castillo, who converted from catholicism to atheism. 
  • He holds the record for perfect report card in 1989.